Dogs are trying to stay hip just like us humans. Whether they know it or not, keeping up with new trends and reinventing old ones is a part of life for our four-legged friends. Here’s our take on a few trends, new and old, that can be seen among our furry companions:


#1 – Sporting Scarves & Bandanas


Get real, pup. Dogs have been rocking scarves and bandanas since Lassie’s day, so it’s nothing new. Granted, dog bandanas weren’t made by Armani back then, but it’s kind of hard to read a name brand when it’s covered in drool.


The new twist on these is the level of customization that’s now available. Are you a diehard Phillies fan? Let everyone know by getting your dog a Phillies bandana. Does your dog enjoy sailing? Get him a nautical anchor bandana. Shop Amazon Best Sellers – Dog Bandanas if you don’t believe me.

#2 – Wearing Jackets to Stay Warm (or So We Think)


Fancy pupWe’ve all seen puppies in parkas and canines in coats, but the real question is, do they like wearing them as much as we like dressing them?

One reason we bundle up in the winter is to avoid getting a cold, but according to Dr. Bonnie Weaver of the American Veterinary Medical Association, “There is no cold virus that affects [dogs].”


While there exist some sizes and breeds of dogs that are sensitive to the cold, most dogs will rarely even notice temperatures below 32 degrees, especially if they’re acclimated to a colder climate. These facts don’t seem to deter dog-owners, however, since the dog-clothing industry is $300 million market sector. Can you really blame them, though when the little guys look so darn cute? See you at the 2014 Philadelphia Dog Fashion Show!

#3 – Harnessing the Healing Qualities of Acupuncture & Massage


canine acupuncture meridianDid you know that there’s an American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture? They exist to promote the continued “health and welfare of their animal patients” through acupuncture and massage, and it’s not a group for the general public—veterinary acupuncturists and veterinary acupuncture students only!


According to, veterinary acupuncture can help diminish pain, stimulate relaxation of muscles, improve blood flow and remove toxins. If you are truly compassionate about your pets, especially if they’re getting into old age, we think veterinary acupuncture could be a great, natural way to improve their quality of life.

#4 – Visiting the Chiropractor


massage-petBy now you might be able to guess that there’s an American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Just like humans, dogs can become injured and require rehabilitation throughout the healing process and beyond. One method of treatment is chiropractic care, which is also a common way to make sure that canines are well-adjusted to aging. Sometimes, chiropractic treatment can even take the place of surgery!


It’s also good if your animal is suffering from back, neck, leg and tail pain; muscle spasms; difficulty chewing, TMJ, or other jaw problems; traumatic injuries; muscle spasms, arthritis and nerve problems. If your dog seems out of alignment or in pain, take him to your local veterinary chiropractor.


#5 – Eating Organic & Vegetarian Foods


Dog-DietWhen Brooklyn hipsters started eating organic vegan pizza in the 90s, dogs were there, plotting their own organic vegan food trends. Dr. Canus Maximus of Barkmouth College was the first to champion a strictly organic vegetarian diet for canines, stating that, “We are omnivores, not carnivores, and it is our duty to wage war upon animal cruelty.” Since that fateful day in 1994, dogs everywhere have become conscious of what they eat and where it comes from.


In all seriousness, though, please make sure your dog is getting proper nutrition, no matter what your beliefs are when it comes to diet. At the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for your dog’s health.

#6 – Adhering to Human Burial Traditions


So burying and cremating our dead isn’t really a trend, but the days of putting Fluffy in a bag and burying him in the backyard are pretty much over. And it makes sense – giving a proper burial to a loved one shows respect and gratitude for who the person or animal was while alive.


In the Philadelphia area there are plenty of options for pet cemeteries and crematoriums. We recommend you take the time to find the location or service that best suits you.

#7 – Believing in the Power of Hypnosis


Although many have reported success in quitting smoking, losing weight, and making other lifestyle changes from hypnosis, a lot of people still choose to regard hypnotherapy as a sham. If you’re a believer, however, and you’ve got a bad dog who is seemingly impossible to train—or if you’re at the end of your leash— then getting your dog hypnotized might be worth a shot.


dog-hypnoEver hear of John Morgan? His website claims he’s “America’s Best-Known Hypnotherapist” and that he can “calm your dog and extend its life just by playing an amazing CD.” While we don’t have any experience with dog hypnosis, it is clear that there’s a market for it. If your dog would like to try it out, just search “dog hypnosis” on YouTube.


So there you have it – the 7 trends started by humans that dogs have caught onto over the years. We’ll be back in two weeks with the dog trends humans have followed as of late. Just kidding! Thanks for reading.

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