As dog care professionals, we know a lot about how different breeds are suited for different sorts of people. With this in mind, we’ve decided to consult the experts online to find out which breeds are best for kids ranging from babies through adolescents. While it’s true that every dog has his or her own unique personality, it must be admitted that certain breeds are indeed better than others when it comes to your child’s total and complete safety. And now, for your reading pleasure, here is our list:


LassieBlur7.) The Collie (aka “Lassie”)


Not only do kids love to watch Lassie, they also love having these gentle, easily trained dogs around the house. The most important thing with these dogs is that you give them plenty of attention. If ignored, they become unhappy, but if given adequate love and attention, Collies are some of the most owner-pleasing-oriented dogs in existence.


6.) The Bull Dog


Whether you have a mansion or a studio apartment, a Bull Dog can adapt nicely to any surrounding. While being relatively low-energy, it is sturdy and large enough to deal with kids who never seem to stop roughhousing. Consider the Bull Dog if you want a breed that is somewhat easy to care for and docile.


5.) The Poodleimgres


Does your child have allergies? Poodles are great for kids because they shed very little, but keep in mind that they do require more grooming than a lot of dogs. This aside, poodles are generally intelligent, friendly and patient with children.


Beagle-44.) The Beagle


Beagles are naturally happy, rarely bothered by much and extremely friendly. They behave very well around children and have high energy, so they won’t wear out when playing with your kids. Keep in mind that they shed frequently, however, and can command more brushing and bathing than other breeds.


3.) The Basset Hound

Looking for a dog that doesn’t take a huge time commitment? Since you’re so busy with your kids, you might want to consider a Basset Hound, which is well-known for its low energy and minimal need for exercise. For your kids, this translates to a lovable, huggable dog that is docile and well-behaved.


2.) The Labrador Retriever


Number two on every list we found, the Labrador Retriever is revered for its ability to play, love and protect all at once. With a sweet personality to boot, these dogs mesh perfectly with kids and thus make exquisite family pets.


1.) The Golden RetrieverAIR BUD 3 WORLD PUP


It’s not surprising that this intelligent, kind and extremely loyal breed topped every list we found online. While it absolutely loves to play and requires abundant amounts of exercise, it is a timid, gentle creature that will do things to illustrate its love of your child almost as often as you do.


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