It’s summertime, and that means you’ve taken your workout routine outdoors. Whether you’re hiking in the Wissahickon or jogging along the Schuylkill River Trail, you don’t want to leave your pooch at home. Due to heat considerations and the strenuousness of exercise, however, you can’t just expect your dog to do the same routine as you. Especially when first starting out, take these safety tips into account to keep both you and your dog happy and healthy:


1. Before you ever bring him along, make sure your dog is fit enough to handle exercise. Your veterinarian can tell you if your dog is too old or suffering from physical ailments that should limit physical activity.

2. On a similar note, you can’t just bring your dog on a 5-mile run out of the blue and expect her to keep up. Just like you had to work up your endurance over time, your dog may need to do the same. Also, don’t forget to warm up!

3. Train your dog to stay on one side of you while running, rollerblading, hiking, skateboarding, biking – whatever you like to do for exercise! If he’s crossing in front of or behind you all of the time, it could result in an injury for one or both of you.

4. Consider the weather and the temperature and use common sense. Rain + mud = slipping and falling. Heat + intense workouts = heat exhaustion. Uneven or rocky terrain + four legs = tough times getting around. And so on and so forth!

5. Don’t forget water for your dog as well as yourself. Hydration is critical during lengthy exercise sessions!

6. When working out with your pup, it’s a good idea not to tie the leash around your wrist. An unexpected tug or jerk from your dog could cause injury, so consider getting a hands-free leash for those hikes, runs and bike rides with your pooch.

7. When the workout is finished, you can put the pieces together to find out if the routine was “too much” for your canine companion. Check for scrapes, cuts and worn down pads on your dog, apply proper first aid and determine what can be done to avoid them for the next workout. Also, you can’t forget to check for ticks, burrs, thorns and other naturally occuring foreign objects.

If you lack the time to keep your dog on a consistent exercise schedule, you can count on Top Tails Dog Walking to do the job for you! Here’s what you can expect from our professional staff. Have questions?? Just contact us here.

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