We all know that keeping our four-legged friends around isn’t without expenses for food, care, toys and medical treatment. Unfortunately, just keeping our beloved dogs and other animals healthy with regular visits to the veterinarian can be the most expensive part of owning pets, especially when those visits become more frequent because of illnesses, accidents, injuries and other issues.




Taking your animal to the vet is rarely cheap, so it’s a good idea to proactively seek ways to save money on vet visits and even prevent them if possible. In addition to keeping those regular check-ups, here are some of the methods we’ve found to save money time after time:


1. Keep your home safe for your pets: There are countless hazards around your home that can lead to a vet visit for your animal. It’s your responsibility to keep your pet safe, so please take a look around your house and take care of the dangers facing your pets. For example, cleaning and car-care chemicals can smell sweet to dogs, so it’s important to keep them off the floor and in cabinets where dogs can’t get them. Also, think about electrical cords. When plugged in, these cords may appear as chew toys to dogs and can lead to electrocution. Furthermore, sharp edges and corners are a great enemy to hyperactive dogs who run into everything. It’s important to cover these up. The moral of the story is that there are plenty of ways for your dog to get in trouble around your home, so take care of them before there’s an accident.


2. Dental hygiene: Your pet can’t brush his or her own teeth, so you’ve gotta take the matter into your own hands. Bad breath can be a sign of many health issues like gum disease and more, so keep up the regular brushing with special toothpaste to keep your dog’s dental hygiene. Also, maximize your time at the vet by asking your pet’s doctor what they think!


3. Healthy diet: A diet high in vitamins, minerals and protein can truly have a huge impact on your pet’s health and lifespan. Feeding a dog food that is all-natural is also important. Everything your dog eats effects his or her skin, fur, teeth and behavior, so it’s best to choose a diet that will enhance those features. May we suggest Life’s Abundance Dog Food, the premium health food for pets, which is available through Top Tails Dog Walking. Also be safe when exercising with your dog!


4. Vouchers and samples: Does your dog need a certain type of treatment? Ask your vet for samples before you commit to buying in bulk, or ask for a sample so you can buy in bulk off the web. You can also ask for vouchers or coupons for savings direct from the manufacturer. There are a bunch of ways to get free or discounted medicine for pets!


5. Veterinary school student vets: You can find student veterinarians overseen by experienced experts to work on your pets. Every appointment is treated as a learning experience for the student veterinarian, so the costs are lower for you as the appointments serve a dual purpose.


6. Buy online or generic or both: It’s a little bit harder if you need a prescription for the medication, but still possible to find a lot of great deals online. You might also consider buying generic equivalents if you’re looking for savings.


7. Ask for discounts: Discounts for students, retired people, public workers and military personnel often apply at veterinary clinics just as they do at many other establishments.


Keeping your dog active is also a huge advantage. If you don’t have the time to exercise your dog, consider hiring a local dog walking service!

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