Dogs have long followed human fashion trends, but recently they have tapped into other trends like new technologies and toys. Here’s a rundown of a few of the gadgets and toys that your canine friends have been enjoying lately.




Humans have been sporting mustaches for as long as we know, but dogs have had trouble growing distinct ‘staches since they’re, you know, completely covered in hair. Now your dog can enjoy the Humunga Stache Dog Toy, which will allow him or her to have a good play while also fitting in with all of your mustached friends.




If we have our own tables and bars for dining, why shouldn’t dogs? This handmade dog feeding station comes with your dog’s name painted on it as well as two stainless steel bowls, a scoop and a container underneath that will hold about 3 lbs. of kibble. Make sure you buy the right dog food to fill it up!




And if your dog wants to be proper, he or she can sit at the feeding station with a high chair!




We’ve been using the GoPro for about a decade to capture our lives on video. It’s kind of sad that dogs have been missing out that long, but more and more innovators are designing straps for dogs so that they can catch all of the action on camera. It shouldn’t be long before a product like this hits the mainstream! If you use a dog walking service, the GoPro could be your chance to accompany your dog on his or her daily walk even if you’re not around.




When riding our bikes or jogging at night, we often wear reflective vests and small flashing lights to help motorists and others see us in the dark. Dogs have caught on to this tactic and have demanded their own version: LED collars. Judging by the huge selection of these online, I’d say they’re here to stay!




We’ve been cleaning up after our dogs since they first came into our home, so it’s about time we let them clean up after themselves! The PetSweep Animal-Powered Debris Removal System allows your dog to sweep as he or she walks around your house. Pretty cool!




Have you been taking your dog out in the rain without an umbrella? Before you had an excuse because you probably didn’t know about dog umbrellas, but now you do! Instead of holding them up, you hold these umbrellas down so they’re on level with your pooch.

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