As a dog owner and lover, you’ll always be faced with the age old argument and dilemma, “Purebred Vs. Mixed Breed.” At Top Tails though, we don’t discriminate. We love, and look after, every kind of dog!

Previously, we’ve listed the top dog breeds for children. Now, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 most unexpectedly awesome cross-breeds of dogs. In theory, some of these mixes seem too weird to be true, but they’re just so darn cute that it works!

#1 The Golden Dox

Honey I Shrunk the Golden Retriever! That’s what this little pup looks like. A mix between Golden Retriever and Dachshund, this cross-breed is known to be loyal and courageous. It will also be very social, though a tad wary of strangers. Be sure to exercise your Golden Dox plenty or you’ll have trouble on your hands!


#2 The Pitsky

This beautiful mix is sure to have an abundance of energy. Your Pitsky will not take kindly to a sedentary lifestyle. Intelligent and playful, it’s best to keep this one entertained.


#3 Labsky

There isn’t much information out there about this cross-breed, but boy are those baby blues something else! It’s safe to say that you can expect the plethora of energy found in both a Labrador and Husky, as well as their tendency toward total loyalty. Definitely a dog that will want to play and play and play.


#4 Corgi Dalmatian

With a similar shrunken look to the Golden Dox, this is without a doubt the oddest pairing on our list. The Corgi side of its genetics truly make it look like a mini Dalmatian! It’s said that this breed can be quite willful. Very intelligent, loyal and eager to please, this cross-breed should be properly socialized early on or it may grow aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs and other pets.


#5 Chow Shepherd

These fluffy pups crave human attention. They will want to play constantly and remain the center of attention at all times. Easily adaptable to different situations, the Chow Shepherd is an intelligent cross-breed that is always up for a challenge.


#6 Chusky

Better suited for colder climates, the Chusky is half Chow Chow and half Husky. This cross-breed is more laid back but just as people oriented. Affectionate and always alert, this mix is a great family companion.


#7 Beagleman

Half Beagle, half German Shepherd, all smell and speed. This cross-breed has a nose like no other dog and is quick as lightning. Even if you don’t use your Beagleman as a hunting dog, you might find dead animals on your back porch at some point. They are intelligent, loving and supremely loyal, making for a great family breed.


While we will not personally involve ourselves in the great breed debate, we will say that mixed breeds have their merits. Mixed dogs tend to be lower price, unless they are a designer cross-breed like the Labradoodle or Puggle. They also are at a lower risk for inherited congenital diseases found in purebreds.

No matter what kind of dog you have, purebred, cross-bred or total mutt, Top Tails is always happy to look after your furry friend! If you ever need a dog walking or pet sitting service, give us a call at 215-508-1903!

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