Memorial Day is a time to honor all of the men and women who have lost their lives while serving our country. It’s also a great opportunity to show one’s patriotism and pride in being an American citizen. Here at Top Tails Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the dogs of our country as well. To do so, we’ve made a list of 5 breeds that embody the American spirit, making them very appropriate for this patriotic holiday.

1. Boston Terrier

boston terrier

Photo Credit: Kyle Eli CCBY

This regal breed is known as the “American Gentleman” because of its black and white coat that resembles a tuxedo. Recognized by the AKC in the 1890s, the Boston Terrier has a long history in America. Our Manayunk dog sitters recommend these dogs for nearly any family, as they tend to be friendly, gentle, and petite.

2. Chinook


Photo Credit: ElectricSheep CCBY

This breed was first introduced by explorer Arthur Treadwell Walden. In his time, Chinooks were perfect for sled racing during the New Hampshire winters due to their heavy coats. Today, the Chinook is the state dog of New Hampshire. This breed is known for being playful, energetic, and great with kids and other dogs.

3. Toy Fox Terrier

toy fox terrier

Photo Credit: KerryHalasz CCBY

These dogs were first used in the 1900s to catch and get rid of rodents in the barns of American farmers. Today, they’re great for families that are seeking a loving, adventurous dog.

4. American Foxhound

American foxhound

Photo Credit: Warren Gates CCBY

Since the 1770s, this breed has been an American tradition. First bred and used by George Washington, the American Foxhound is a mix of hounds from England, France, and the United States. The dog’s long legs and athletic figure make it well-suited for families with access to large areas that will allow it to run freely.

5. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan malamute

Photo Credit: Hans Surfer CCBY

Not only is this breed the oldest type of Arctic sled dog, but it’s the strongest and most athletic. Throughout history, Alaskan Malamutes were used by Inuit tribes for carrying large, heavy loads. In addition, they were the most common choice of dog for long-distance sled races. Because they are full of energy, these dogs are best for active families that have time to give them lots of exercise and attention daily.

No matter what type of breed you have, Top Tails Dog Walking & Pet Sitting is ready and willing to take care of your pet while you’re away from home. As a top-rated Manayunk dog sitter, we offer a wide variety of services to fit all schedules and budgets. Whether you need pet care for the afternoon or for the week, we’re the ones to call.

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