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Now that summer’s finally here, it’s time to relax and enjoy the warm weather with your dog. While doing so, however, you need to pay attention to how the heat is affecting your pet and take measures to cool it down if necessary. Here are a few tips for helping your pet beat the heat:

When your dog is in the heat or has been recently, watch for the following dangerous symptoms:

If your pet displays any of these behaviors, move it to a cool place immediately, spray it with water, and wipe its paws with cold water until it seems to have recuperated. Then, get your dog to a vet immediately for an examination. Even if your dog seems fine after you’ve cooled it down, there may still be hidden issues that can lead to internal damage later on if left untreated.

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In addition, visit our blog for even more tips on how to help your pet beat the heat. You can also get information on keeping your cat cared for while you travel this summer. Thanks for reading and stay cool!

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