Now that we’re on the cusp of winter, the staff here at Top Tails would like to take a moment to remind you of some key winter pet care tips:

  1. Bring outdoor cats inside. Though your cat might prefer the great outdoors, it’s important that you bring it inside–at least for the night–during the cold months. Otherwise, your beloved pet will not fare well in the freezing temperatures.
  2. Always keep your dog on a leash. When there is snow on the ground, a dog’s ability to smell its way back home is greatly diminished; therefore, you should always use a leash in the wintertime when walking your dog. Make sure your pet has the proper identification tags on its collar in the unfortunate event that it does get lost!
  3. Invest in a dog coat or sweater. Just like humans, pets need to be protected against the elements in the icy winter weather. A great way to shield your furry friend against the cold is by equipping him with a dog coat or snow shoes. You can find all types of protective winter pet gear at any pet store.
  4. Consider a longer hairstyle. Another way to ensure that your dog stays warm in the winter is by keeping his fur long and full. If you usually have your pup’s hair trimmed, avoid doing so for the cold season. And remember: if you give your pet a wintertime bath, dry its coat thoroughly before allowing it to go outside.
  5. Give your pet some extra food. In the winter, your pet’s body has to work harder to stay warm. Pets also tend to expend more energy playing in the snow. So it’s a good idea to slightly increase the amount of food you give your furry friend. Doing so will keep her happy and healthy all winter long!
  6. Provide a warm space for your pet to sleep. Whether it’s a miniature bed or a couch with blankets, your pet needs a place to cuddle up in the winter. Make sure a warm, cozy area is available for your dog or cat.
  7. Dry your pet off after outdoor romps. When an animal is playing in any type of precipitation, it will probably get ice or snow stuck in its fur. To warm it up, be sure to dry it off with a towel once it comes back inside.

By following these winter pet care tips, you’ll allow your little companion to have a fun, safe winter.


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And to stay informed about winter items that can be deadly to your pet as well as how to protect your dog against heartworm disease, check out our recent blog posts. We hope you enjoyed the winter pet care tips from your favorite Manayunk winter pet care provider!

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