Now that 2016 has arrived, it’s the perfect time to make improvements in your own life and your pet’s! Whether your dog or cat is a little overweight or has a behavioral issue, you can help your furry friend to reform itself with these five simple new year’s resolutions for pets:

  1. Measure your pet’s food each time. You should always use a measuring cup when feeding your pet. If you fail to do so, you may end up giving it more or less than it needs! Simply check the label on the pet food bag to find out how much you should give your pet based on its age, size, etc.
  2. Get active with your pet. Does your furry friend seem bored with its usual playtime routine? Shake things up with a new activity that will provide fun and exercise for the both of you! Some ideas include doga (dog yoga), hiking and going to the dog park. In the summertime, you can even take your dog kayaking – just be sure to purchase a doggy life jacket.
  3. Mark important dates for your pet on the calendar. By writing down reminders for when your pet is due for vaccinations, vet visits or preventative medication doses, you’ll ensure that your dog or cat stays as healthy as possible all year round. If you have a smart phone, you may also want to set reminders for these important pet care tasks.
  4. Seek the training or treatment your pet needs. If your pet has an issue that you’ve been too busy to address – whether it’s a behavioral problem or a strange bump on its head – make it a New Year’s resolution to do so. By taking care of these things, you and your pet will both feel relieved!
  5. Make sure your pet’s tags are updated. Now is a good time to carry out this important New Year’s resolution for pets. If any of your information has changed since you last had pet ID tags made, then it’s important to have them updated. You should also do so if the tags are damaged or faded.

By following these New Year’s resolutions for pets in 2016, you’ll set yourself up to have a great year with your cat or dog.


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