Due to the extremely cold weather we’ve been having here in the Philadelphia area, chances are you and your dog haven’t been spending much time outside lately. As a result, your furry friend is probably craving excitement and exercise. Here are five winter activities for dogs and their humans that will allow you both to get active and beat the cold weather blues:

  1. Freestyle dog dancing If you like to dance, why not include your dog in the fun by attending a canine freestyle dance class? Check out the World Canine Freestyle Organization’s website to get more information on this activity and to find classes in your area.
  2. Doga A great winter activity for dogs and their owners is dog yoga, or “doga.” Taking a doga class will allow you and your dog to relax, stretch your muscles and build strength while staying warm indoors.
  3. Playing on the stairs Too cold to go for a walk? Here’s a simple way to make sure your doggy gets its cardio: Stand at the top of the stairs and throw a ball or toy to the bottom. Keep doing this until your pup gets tired out!
  4. Fetch racing Spice up the game of fetch by throwing a toy for your dog and then racing him/her to retrieve it. This activity is sure to get both of your hearts pumping on cold winter days.
  5. Skijoring This unique winter dog activity combines cross-country skiing with dog sledding. In order to skijor, you’ll need a pair of skis and a harness for your dog so that it can pull you. Pretty much any type of dog can skijor, as long as your animal healthy and full of energy. You and your pup will have so much fun with this team sport that you won’t even mind being out in the cold for a while!

By doing these winter dog activities, you’ll keep your pooch entertained and well exercised all season long!


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