Sharing your home with a blind dog – whether it was born blind or lost its sight later in life – can be difficult and frustrating at times. However, there are many simple things you can do to make daily life easier for your family and your sightless canine pal:

  1. Always give your dog a verbal warning before petting it or approaching it from behind. Otherwise, it may not realize you are there and be startled by your sudden presence.
  2. Use a short leash when taking your dog on a walk. Doing so will help you guide your furry friend so that it doesn’t accidentally run into obstacles. In addition, it will probably make your dog feel more comfortable to be close to you when venturing outside of the home.
  3. Purchase or make a name tag or bandana for your blind dog to wear in public to indicate its condition to others. Though people typically ask before petting a dog, sometimes they do not, and they may frighten or surprise your pup if they approach it quickly.
  4. Put up a doggy gate at the top of the stairs in your home to ensure that your unsighted canine does not fall down them and get hurt.
  5. Avoid rearranging furniture in your home, as this will confuse your dog and increase the chance that it will run into things.
  6. Along with keeping the furniture in the same place, you should also always put your dog’s food, water and bed/cage in the same location so that it can easily find these important items.
  7. Place padding on sharp wall corners and any other objects that could be harmful if your pet were to bump into them.
  8. Invest in a fence for your yard so that your dog can freely play and run around outside without accidentally going too far from home.

By implementing these tips, you and your blind dog will live a happier and less stressful life.


Why Should You Make Top Tails Your Philadelphia Dog Caregiver?


Here at Top Tails Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, we love each and every pet equally. Whether your dog is blind, deaf or has special needs, our loving dog caregivers in Philadelphia will be happy to look after your furry friend when you aren’t able to be at home.


You can trust that our team members will provide only the best care for your pets, as we require all employees to pass a criminal background check and to be neat, tidy and respectful. Plus, our Philadelphia dog caregivers are extensively trained and experienced in meeting pets’ needs.


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