During the hottest periods of the year, it is very important to stay hydrated and cool, both for you and your furry friend! Being that Heat Stroke is a real danger, (a study at a Hebrew University found out that half of canines who get it won’t survive), you want to make sure your dog stays away from the risk.

Heat Stroke, a consequence of Hyperthermia, is an elevation of the body temperature above the standard (106° F, 40° C) and can lead to multiple organs’ dysfunction, which in turn can cause serious injuries and even death. High temperatures are not the only causes that can lead to Heat Stroke: humidity and a lot of exercise during the hottest hours of the day can have serious consequences as well.

Although it could be hard at times to understand if your loved one is ok, or if his body temperature is a little too high, there are some ways to determine the level of his well-being.

The mains signs of an overheated dog are (listed from the least- to the most-dangerous):shutterstock_148509158

Luckily, most heat strokes can be avoided by paying some little extra attention. One way to avoid heat stroke is to walk your dog during the early hours of the day or late afternoon. In doing this, your dog can exercise while also avoiding the risk of an elevating body temperature. Always remember to bring some cool water with you!

But when your dog needs some extra energy-burning activities when the heat is high, here are some suggestions of fun and cooling devices, toys, and treats that can help keep your dog cool and happy:

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