Nothing is worse than watching your pets become itchy and irritated from fleas, or worse – having your pet contract diseases from ticks that are difficult to find and remove from your fluffy friend! There are a variety of ways to protect your pet from fleas and ticks! We have some helpful advice on keeping your pet tick and flea free!

Topical treatments, oral medications, tick collars, and shampoos:shutterstock_324715613

Using over-the-counter treatments can be very effective for treating both ticks and fleas. However, you should be reading the labels very carefully and checking with your veterinarian before use to avoid using a product that is too harsh on your pet! Oral medications, on the other hand, will work to kill both ticks and fleas, as well as disrupt the life cycle of fleas. They are easy to give to your pets, and you will not have to worry about children coming into contact with your pet after application of spot-on treatments. Shampoos can help instantly kill ticks on contact and be an inexpensive treatment, although labor intensive. Shampooing would need to be repeated every two weeks. Tick Collars are preventative however they only prevent ticks on the neck and head, not the rest of the body.

Other measures you could take to protect your pet include:

There are other organic methods of treatment that include the use of natural oils. You can dab lavender oil on your pet’s neck and at the base of its tail. Another natural oil that can be used is cedar oil. Natural products that contain cedar oil have been proven to eliminate fleas and ticks! Another organic remedy is the use of lemon spray. You can cut a lemon into pieces and cover them with boiling water and let this steep overnight. You can spray this all over your pet (avoiding contact with the eyes) and you’ve got an at-home flea/tick repellent!

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