Holiday get-togethers are frequent during the winter months, and usually with them come a lot of food. When it comes to our furry friends, it’s easy to see why we and our friends and family want to share he abundant food. Our pets flash their sad looks and puppy-dog eyes, and our hearts just melt! However, table scraps and “people-food” are not good for our furry family members. So don’t let your pets guilt you and your loved ones into tossing them some table scraps this holiday season!

More often than not, table food is typically too fatty for a pet’s shutterstock_86627305-3digestive system, which can result in stomach upsets, and sometimes Pancreatitis in more severe cases. Over the years, humans have developed a tolerance for richer foods, but our pets do not have the same systems as we do, and they might also end up with vomited and/or diarrhea.

In addition, many common food items can even be highly toxic to our pets. Lots of our food items include ingredients that are poisonous to our pets, such as xylitol. In addition, never share any of the following with pets as they are highly toxic:
• Onions or other alliums (i.e. Garlic, leeks, scallions)
• Chocolate
• Grapes or raisins
• Macadamia nuts
• Alcohol
• See more toxic foods here!

Besides the health risks, there are often behavioral issues that may arise from feeding your pet table scraps as well. Pets that are frequently fed table scraps have a tendency to become dependent upon them and may start refusing to eat their own food. Aside from that, feeding your pet table scraps can also cause them to develop undesirable behaviors, such as begging. If you want to reward good behavior, stick to tossing your pet a treat that is specific made for them, like those found in a pet store.

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