With the blistering summer heat here to stay, you may be wondering what you can do to help your pet cool down this Summer. You may be wondering if you should cut your pet’s hair this Summer to give them some relief. If your dog or cat has a thick fur coat, giving them a haircut may be the most apparent course of action. But, before you do that, you may want to reconsider. You may be surprised to learn that their fur actually helps them keep cool! Here is how pet fur works. 

How does fur keep my pet cool?

Unlike humans, where having a lot of hair can be unbearable in the Summer, your pet’s fur is actually helping them to stay cool. The way that your pet’s coat of fur works is that it keeps them warm during the wintertime and cool during the summertime. As Dr. Louise Murray of the ASCA Animal Hospital puts it, the way, their hair functions is “kind of like insulation for your house.” Dogs with heavy coats of fur also have great built-in abilities to manage their hair by shedding unnecessary fur during the Summer, so your pets already do a great job of managing the heat on their own. Cutting off too much of their hair can throw off this natural rhythm and cause discomfort.

How short is too short?

If your pet needs a trim, make sure not to cut off too much. The rule of thumb is that it’s good to always keep at least one inch of hair on your pet. Cutting too close to the skin can leave your pet at risk for sunburn and skin cancer due to increased sun exposure. It is wise to have a professional groomer perform the cut so that your pet’s fur is even and done at the proper length. If your dog or cat’s fur isn’t too messy and unkempt, the best idea may be to leave their fur as is. You may not need to trim their fur if your pet is not getting their hair matted or it’s not blocking their eyesight. 

Should You Cut Your Pet’s Hair This Summer

Grooming depends on Breed

Remember, some breeds need regular grooming. If your dog has long hair and is a breed that needs regular trimming, be sure to follow their grooming schedule. Letting their fur grow too long will make your pet uncomfortable and possibly give you more work, as dirt can get built up in their hair and spread around your house. If you’re unsure what kind of grooming schedule your dog needs, visit a groomer for their professional opinion. 

How to Keep Cool this Summer 

The answer to whether you should cut your pet’s hair this summer could be a ‘no’, but that doesn’t mean they will be hot all summer. Instead of cutting your pet’s fur, there are other ways to help them keep cool. Staying indoors when it’s hot and keeping exercise to a minimum during the hot time of days. If you are outside, spend time in the shade and bring lots of water. Of course, if your dog loves water, having a pool or buying a kiddie pool for your pup will have them stay cool in the water. 

Top Tails Is Happy to Help

 Be sure to keep cool this Summer and find alternative ways to keep your pets cool rather than shaving them. Be sure to contact TOP TAILS Pet Sitting to ensure that your furry friend gets the best care and attention during the day while ensuring they are happy and healthy in the Summer. By hiring TOP TAILS for pet care in Philadelphia, you’ll be able to rest assured that your dog, cat or small animal is in good hands while you’re away. You can always trust that our team members will provide your furry family members with the best care because they are trained and experienced in meeting all of your pets’ needs.

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