The beauty of wintertime is undeniable! We all love to watch the snow fall and create landscapes that we could gaze at for hours, preferably from inside. Although pretty in pictures, these frigid temperatures can mean bad news for our health and well-being; we’re not the only ones who can suffer this season. Just like us, animals can also experience things like hypothermia and frostbite. With temperatures plummeting and freeze warnings in effect, it’s essential to keep ourselves warm and make sure our four-legged friends are cozy too. Here are some tips on keeping your pets warm this winter.

Keep Your Pets Inside 

If you have outdoor pets, keep them inside as much as possible. This may involve a little extra play time as they are used to a good amount of exercise, but the extra effort will be worth it knowing they are warm inside with you. Being outside for too long can lead to hypothermia and death if not treated quickly enough. Please don’t risk your pet’s life and make a warm indoor space for them to be in, especially at night.

Eat and Drink up! 

It takes a lot of energy out of your pets to regulate body temperatures during cold weather, so keep them fueled with plenty of food and water! Having a bowl of water available is vital. Be sure to keep your pets hydrated even in the winter, as water is critical for their body to function correctly. Eating is also essential as it can influence their energy levels and help their metabolism function. 

Dress Warmly

It may seem silly, but pet couture isn’t a bad idea! Keep your dogs warm on walks with vests or even little booties that protect their paws. Booties can protect from icy and salted sidewalks and prevent any toxic materials used during this time of year from keeping the snow and ice at bay. Be sure to know what your pets need for outdoor attire. Depending on their coat, they may need more layers than other breeds or less than others. If you are unsure of proper attire, contact your vet. 

Don’t Leave Your Pets in a Car

Don’t leave your pets in the car! You may think this rule is only for summertime, but below-zero temperatures can turn your vehicle into an ice box, causing your pets to freeze to death! Always avoid leaving your dog in a car. If you need someone to watch your dog, hire a professional pet sitter that can watch your dog even for an hour while you’re away. Always take the safer option for your pet’s sake and peace of mind. 

Keeping Your Pets Warm This Winter

Cuddling for Warmth

 Just like you, your pets prefer a warm place to sleep. Give them a pillow or blanket in a nice spot away from drafts to ensure a good night’s rest. Cuddling up inside or creating a cozy space for your pet can create warmth, so your pet feels comfortable and loved. Colder weather always calls for more cuddling. 

Keeping your pets warm this winter will be easier if you keep these tips in mind. This winter, be sure to provide your furry friends with the best care and don’t be shy to ask us for help with our professional pet sitting services. At Top Tails Pet Sitting, we are willing to assist in any case! With TOP TAILS Pet Sitting, you can be sure that your furry friend is getting the best care and attention during the day while ensuring they are happy and healthy this winter season. 

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