For humans, catching a cold is very common with weather changes, but do pets get colds? With winter slowly approaching, we can’t help but wonder if our pets can get colds as we do. Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, pets can get colds just like humans. Here are some things that may indicate their feeling under the weather. 

Common Signs of a Cold 

Just like for humans, symptoms can vary from mild to severe depending on the type of virus your pet has caught. Some symptoms can be similar to those that we experience as humans. If you notice your pet sniffling, sneezing, coughing, or rubbing watery eyes, it could indicate that your pet has caught a cold. Be sure to keep an eye on their condition, as it can help you determine what you need to do to help them get better.

Do Pets Get Colds

Caring for Your Pet

If your pet is sick, you can help them feel better by cleaning their living and eating spaces on a regular basis. Food and water bowls should be changed and cleaned to eliminate any lingering bacteria or germs and dirt to build up. In addition to their feeding and drinking area, the place where your pet sleeps needs to be cleaned too. In the case of cats, changing the litter box frequently is also essential to prevent any bacteria or waste from accumulating. 

Rest and Sleep are Key

It would be best if you always allowed your pet to rest and relax when they are sick. Sleep and rest allow their body to fight off whatever it’s fighting internally. Remember staying hydrated while sick is also essential. Be sure to provide access to plenty of water throughout the day. If your pet is stuffed up, humidified air can help them breathe more easily. Lastly, specifically for dog owners that live in a multi-dog household, remember to keep your sick dog away from your other pets. Just because dogs can’t pass on their colds to humans doesn’t mean the virus can’t spread to other dogs.

Book A Vet Visit

As with all other illnesses, pay your vet a visit if the symptoms get worse or don’t change after a couple of days. Some bacteria need medications or antibiotics to fight, and your vet can point you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help, as your pet’s health and comfort are the most important. 

Give them all the TLC

Your dog may be extra needy as they fight off their sickness. During this time, be sure to give them all the cuddles and love to help them feel comforted and better. Your tender love and care can boost their spirits and help them feel better faster, knowing they have you by their side. 

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