Keeping Fido cool this Summer is essential! During the hottest periods of the year, keeping your dog hydrated and cool is very important. Although it’s nice to be outdoors, too much sun can be dangerous. Heat stroke is a deadly condition affecting many people and dogs each year. With the warm weather coming, it’s essential to know how to prevent heat stroke and enjoy a safe and fun summer. 

What is Heat Stroke? 

Heat Stroke is a real danger to dogs. A study found that half of the canines that get heat stroke won’t survive. Heat Stroke is an elevation of the body’s temperature above the standard (106° F, 40° C) and can lead to multiple organ dysfunctions. This can result in severe injuries and even death. High temperatures are not the only causes that can lead to Heat Stroke. Humidity and excessive exercise during the hottest hours of the day are also known causes. It’s essential to spot the signs of an oncoming heat stroke before things worsen.

Signs of Heat Stroke

There are a couple of ways to determine your pet’s level of well-being. Most of us don’t carry thermometers to measure our pet’s body temperature, so knowing if their temperature is higher than it should be must be seen through observation. Heat stroke can appear in very obvious or not-so-obvious ways. The main signs of an overheated dog are vigorous panting, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, and seizures. To spot behaviors like fatigue and confusion, you must observe your pet to see if they are acting out of the ordinary. For more severe signs like seizures, contact the vet immediately. 

How to Avoid Heat Stroke

Luckily, heat stroke can be prevented by paying attention to your pet as they spend time outdoors or in a hot area. One way to avoid heat stroke is to walk your dog during the early hours of the day or late afternoon and evening. This way, the sun’s rays won’t be beaming down, and the sidewalks will be cooler. In doing this, your dog can exercise while avoiding the risk of an elevated body temperature. If you are outdoors, always remember to bring some cool water with you!

Keeping Fido Cool this Summer

Alternative Ways to Keep Cool this Summer 

When your dog needs some extra energy-burning activities on a hot day, here are some suggestions for fun cooling devices, toys, and treats that can help keep your dog cool and happy:

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