It may sound too good to be true, but you can attend a camp with your dog this summer! Some doggie camps know some pet parents want to experience the joys of camping with their furry best friend. These camps are designed specifically for dogs and their owners and offer services like training and tons of playtime to enjoy with your dog. People all over the country are taking advantage of this fun, pet-friendly summer vacation option. If you would also like to experience these camps, keep reading to find out which camps offer this option!

How to Choose the Right Camp

Every dog is different. Dogs have various personalities and physical features, so only some dog camps may suit some canines. Our pups also have different needs, energy levels and levels of training and socialization. Before planning to attend a doggy camp, you should consider the following characteristics of your pet to ensure you choose the right camp. 

Socialization habits

Although dog camps around the country vary, they all have one thing in common: there are lots of dogs! Therefore, your dog should be friendly and playful around unfamiliar dogs to avoid conflict at camp. If your dog shows signs of aggression or is reactive and territorial around others, this camp is unsuitable. If you need to figure out how your dog will react with others, some camps can assess your pet to see if they’d be a good fit. 

Age and Size

If you have a puppy, you should ensure they are well-adjusted to being around other dogs before taking it to dog camp. If your dog is older, consider attending a relaxing camp instead of a high-activity one. Sometimes camps arrange appropriate group activities based on the age of your pup. While dog camps accept every size, you should ensure your dog knows how to handle bigger and smaller comrades. It’s crucial your dog can play with dogs their size so they don’t become scared, intimidated, or hurt. You don’t want your pup to become the camp bully or be afraid of the other dogs!

Level of training 

Before going to camp, teach your dog basic obedience commands and ensure they will come when you call them. This will ensure that your dog won’t run off while you’re in the woods and that they can participate in off-leash games and activities. Different camps offer different programs depending on your dog’s level of training or obedience. Some camps may even offer training lessons to refresh and improve your training. 

Attend a Camp with Your Dog This Summer

Camps to Check out

If you’ve decided your dog is a good candidate for camp, it’s time to choose where you’re going! There are scenic camps all around the country to choose from. Attendees include everything from calm lap dogs to canine athletes. Here are a few of our favorites:

Canine Camp Getaway Camp offers activities for all dogs and various abilities. They have many activities and offer an exciting retreat to ensure you and your dog have a blast. Check out their website for this year’s program options!

Another great camp to enjoy the great outdoors is Camp Gone to the Dogs. Known as the original dog camp, this place will surely be the adventure you and your pup are looking for. 

Camp Dogwood offers a sense of community where you get to know your dog while having the best time together. They offer a range of both summer and winter programs to choose from as well. Camp Dogwood is sure to strengthen your bond with your dog by the end of it!

Yellowstone Dog Camp is a fun and educational camping experience you will remember. They offer many group and individual activities that you’ll surely leave happy and satisfied with your camping experience!

Top Tails is here to Help 

For those that cannot attend a camp with your dog this summer, hire Top Tails Pet Sitting as your dog sitter for other pet-less vacations. Since 2005, we’ve been giving love and attention to pets of all kinds while their owners are away. Our staff members are experienced at handling and caring for animals, so you can rest assured that your pets will get the attention they deserve. Whether you’ll be gone for the day or the week, we have a variety of flexible service packages to meet your needs. 

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