This Summer has been a hot one! With only a couple of weeks left of Summer we thought we’d write a blog to help your pet beat the heat and stay hydrated. As much as we love enjoying the summer sun with our pets, it’s important to understand that animals often respond to heat differently than people do, and keeping them hydrated is essential to their health. Here are some things to look out for on hot days. 

Limiting Exercise Outdoors

Although proper exercise helps all animals live a happy and healthy lifestyle, limiting the amount of time or the time of day spent outside can help make sure pets aren’t being exposed to too much summer heat! Rising temperatures often means asphalt can become extremely hot and can burn your pets paws. Try taking them for their daily walk either early in the morning or later in the evening after the sun has gone down and the temperatures are cooler. And if you must take them out when the asphalt is too hot, be sure to put on their booties to protect their pads or let them out briefly to go potty.

Be on the lookout for Heat Stroke

Believe it or not, your pets hate the humidity as much as you do! When dogs pant they do so to get rid of excess moisture in their lungs, which helps them cool down. So, when humidity levels are high it’s difficult for them to get rid of the moisture and cool down. If a dog’s internal temperature reaches above 104 degrees, they risk experiencing heat stroke and should be treated immediately. Taking your pet’s temperature can help to tell whether or not their internal temperatures are reaching dangerous levels. Panting can also dehydrate your pet so be sure to provide them with plenty of cool water. Adding ice cubes to the water can help keep the water cool or give your pup something cool to chew on! Be sure to keep an eye on your pet and look out for signs of overheating. 

Find Cover in Shaded Areas

Dog houses can seem helpful and give your furry friend an area all to themselves, they should never be used outside in the summertime as their internal temperatures are often much hotter than the temperature outside. Dog houses are not sufficient shelters in the Summer sun.  Providing an area for dogs outside under trees or under an overhanging or canopy can help keep air flowing while protecting them from the sun’s UV rays.

Help your Pet Beat the Heat and Stay Hydrated!

Using Treats to Cool Down

Being cool can be delicious too! A fun and innovative way to keep your pets cool is with homemade pet popsicles! There are tons of recipes you can find made with peanut butter and other dog-friendly treats that you can turn into an icy treat! Be sure to do your research and choose the right ingredients that your dog can eat safely. 

Never Leave your Pet unattended in Hot Areas

Lastly, this may seem obvious, but never leave your pet in an enclosed area on a hot summer day, especially not a car even for even the shortest amount of time. Even if it doesn’t appear extremely hot outside, the sun’s rays can drastically heat the inside of the car to temperatures well above the outside temperatures in a short amount of time sending your pet into a heat stroke and lead to organ failure or death. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and leave your pet at home if you think you may not be able to stay with them in the cool air at all times. Call Top Tails to give your pet the professional pet care they need with our pet sitting services. 

Be prepared and Stay Safe

Overall, our furry friends need just as much care and attention in the heat as we do! Just like we need to stay hydrated and cool in the heat, they do too. If it’s too hot for us outside, it is definitely too hot for our pets. Be sure to allow them plenty of access to water, shade, and cool air! Be sure to help your pet beat the heat and stay hydrated this Summer!

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