Halloween is always a fun time of year for everyone. Humans and pets alike! The celebrations, decor, costumes, and children going door to door for candy can be very festive and enjoyable. It can also be stressful for some of our furry friends. In all of the excitement, we might need to remember how our pets react to all the events around us, but at TOP TAILS Pet Sitting, we have some pet care tips and tricks after years of experience taking care of pets. Here is how to ensure a safe Halloween for you and your pets! 

Keep Halloween candies for the kids, not your pet!

 “Any form of chocolate, along with many types of sweeteners, can be dangerous for your dog or cat, even deadly,” says the owner of TOP TAILS, “and keeping your children’s candy out of reach is vital.” Be sure to put bags of candy away in a safe place to prevent serious health complications for your animals.” If your kids have their sweets out and are swapping treats, be sure to supervise them so no piece of candy gets eaten by your pet. If your pet does ingest some form of candy, look for signs of potential chocolate poisoning in dogs or cats, such as vomiting, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, diarrhea, and even seizures. Take your pet to the vet if you see any irregular behaviors.

Let your pet outside before trick or treating begins.

The owner of TOP TAILS recommends getting the walking and potty time out of the way earlier in the day to ensure no stressful run-ins with the trick-or-treaters. “Make sure they have some time to run around and get some fresh air before the streets are crowded with parents and children.” The owner says, “As shocking as this may be, there are many counts of people teasing, injuring, or even stealing pets left in the yard during Halloween! As inexcusable as this is, it happens.” Additionally, although TOP TAILS does not encourage the idea of outdoor cats, they recommend “for those cat lovers out there, if your cat is an outdoor cat, keep them indoors for a few days before and after the holiday.” This prevents anything happening to your cat on the nights the streets are crowded and prevents them from being subjected to the possibility of cruel pranks or harm.

Halloween is always a fun time of year for everyone.

Keep decorations out of reach.

Although Halloween and fall-themed plants may not be toxic to your pet, things like pumpkins and corn could cause gastrointestinal upset if they are not a regular part of your pet’s diet. Baking and cooking for Halloween parties is common as well. Be sure to avoid giving your pets table scraps and any ingredients that may be unfamiliar to them. Additionally, decorations like spider webs, garlands of leaves, and plastic spiders might look like fun toys for your pets, especially cats. Be sure to keep an eye out so toys are not consumed or become choking hazards. Some decorations may also cause harm if broken or chewed. Keep glass items away from the reachable areas and wires hidden so your pets don’t chew on them. 

Provide a quiet, safe zone for your pet.

Pets tend to get excited or stressed when a doorbell rings or a knock at the door. On Halloween, those triggers are nearly constant from all the trick-or-treaters. Keep your pet in a quiet room far away from the excitement at the front door to ensure they feel calm and less panicked. If your pet likes being part of the fun or observing, give them a window to look out of. Setting a cat tree by the window will keep your cat curious for hours if you have a cat. 

Give your pet a break from costumes

If you dress your pet up for Halloween, or if your pet allows you to dress them for Halloween, remember to limit the time they wear their outfit. Leaving your dog or cat in a costume can leave them feeling uncomfortable. It can pull on their fur or increase their body temperature, causing them to pant and overheat. If the outfit is too small, it can restrict their movement and be very uncomfortable. Give your pet frequent breaks from their costume so they can feel comfortable. Instead of costumes, opt for Halloween-themed accessories, like leashes, collars or simple things that can be taken off quickly. 

Halloween should be a fun and safe time for all! 

Here are some ways how to ensure a safe Halloween for you and your pets! Many consider their pet a part of the family and should be treated as such! So be sure to keep these tips in mind this Halloween season to ensure your pets have peace of mind. A stress-free pet is a happy and healthy pet. Have fun, and stay safe this holiday! 

If you’re planning to go out on Halloween night, contact us for our pet-sitting services, and we’ll help keep your pet company while you’re away. 

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