Now that 2024 has arrived, it’s the perfect time to make improvements in your own life and your pet’s! Whether your dog or cat is a little overweight or has a behavioural issue, you can help your furry friend to reform themselves and improve for the years to come. Here are five easy New Year’s resolutions for pets. 

Measure your pet’s food.

In the winter, time outdoors tends to be limited and dependent on the weather. Being aware of your pet’s eating is essential when they exercise less. It would help if you always used a measuring cup when feeding your pet to keep portions accurate. Failing to track their food can lead to overfeeding and weight gain. Check the pet food bag label to find out how much food you should give your pet based on age, size, etc. Call your veterinarian for expert advice if you need help portioning your dog’s food. Remember, it’s easier to maintain your pet’s weight than to struggle with diets and weight complications in the future. 

Get active with your pet.

Does your furry friend seem bored with its usual playtime routine or walking the same route daily? Shake things up with a new activity that will provide fun and exercise for both of you! Some ideas include doga (dog yoga), hiking a new trail and going to the dog park. You can even take your dog kayaking in the summertime – purchase a doggy life jacket. For more ideas on pet-friendly activities, you can ask other pet parents what they like to do with their pets for enjoyment and adventure. 

Mark important dates for your pet on the calendar.

The older we get, the more things we have on our minds and the likelier we are to forget. By writing down reminders for when your pet is due for vaccinations, vet visits or preventative medication doses, you’ll ensure that your pet stays as healthy as possible all year round. With the help of technology, staying on track can be much easier. If you have a smartphone, you can set reminders for these critical pet care tasks to remind you in a timely fashion.

Five Easy New Year's Resolutions for Pets

Seek the training or treatment your pet needs.

Some issues can only be resolved with others and require intervention or professional help. If your pet has an issue that you’ve been too busy to address – whether it’s a behavioural problem or a strange bump on its head – make it a New Year’s resolution to do so. By caring for these things, you and your pet will feel relieved. Fixing behavioural issues can strengthen the bond between you and your pet and give you the confidence to trust each other. Similarly, addressing medical issues sooner rather than later can provide you with peace of mind or the answers to prevent or stop a potentially developing issue. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Make sure your pet’s tags are updated. 

Now is an excellent time to carry out this critical New Year’s resolution for pets, especially if you moved or updated any contact information in the past year. If your information has changed since you last had pet ID tags made, it’s essential to have them corrected for your pet’s safety and increase the probability of them being returned to you if they run off. Getting your pets new tags if they are damaged or faded would also be beneficial. Having the information legible can bring your pet back faster to you. Remember that microchipping is also a great way to ensure your pet has an ID.

By following these five easy New Year’s resolutions for pets, you’ll set yourself up to have a great year ahead!

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