Do Pets Get Colds?

Do Pets Get Colds

For humans, catching a cold is very common with weather changes, but do pets get colds? With winter slowly approaching, we can’t help but wonder if our pets can get colds as we do. Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, pets can get colds just like humans. Here are some things that may indicate their […]

Recognizing Stress In Your Pet

Recognizing Stress In Your Pet

Much like humans, pets are in danger of being affected by stress. As responsible pet owners, we must keep an eye on our pets to see if they are experiencing signs of stress and unease. Is your pet acting unusual? Do they seem anxious or depressed? Then stress could be the cause of their behavior. […]

Keeping Your Pets Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Pets Warm This Winter

The beauty of wintertime is undeniable! We all love to watch the snow fall and create landscapes that we could gaze at for hours, preferably from inside. Although pretty in pictures, these frigid temperatures can mean bad news for our health and well-being; we’re not the only ones who can suffer this season. Just like […]

Should You Cut Your Pet’s Hair This Summer?

Should You Cut Your Pet’s Hair This Summer

With the blistering summer heat here to stay, you may be wondering what you can do to help your pet cool down this Summer. You may be wondering if you should cut your pet’s hair this Summer to give them some relief. If your dog or cat has a thick fur coat, giving them a […]

Is My Pet Ready for a New Baby?

Is My Pet Ready for a New Baby

If you have a new baby coming home soon, many exciting changes are happening in your household. You’re likely thinking, “Is my pet ready for a new baby?” There are probably many thoughts running through your head, and some of them can be a little nerve-wracking, too. Introducing a new baby into a home where […]

4 Poisonous Plants to Watch Out for Your Dogs and Cats

The dog days of summer are upon us, and our favorite dogs, cats and their owners are enjoying their time together out in the sun. We all love this fun time together with our best buddies, but it’s important to remember to always be vigilant during walks and playtime. There is always a threat that […]

Calming An Anxious Cat

No one likes to see their favorite feline friend constantly scared and anxious in their home. While it’s natural for cats to feel initially uneasy in a new environment or around new people, they should eventually come out of their shell and become comfortable. However, if you feel like your kitty is overly skittish and […]

Preventing Heartworm in Your Pets

Now that the weather is getting warmer, pets and pet owners alike tend to spend more time outside enjoying the welcoming spring temperatures. We love to take our dogs on long “walkies,” and maybe even to their favorite dog park, but we’re not the only ones who come out of hibernation during these warm months. […]

Why Your Dog Licks You

Many of us have either experienced it or seen it – a dog licking its owner is very common. There are many different reasons to why a dog might lick, but what is the phycology and meaning behind it? At TOP TAILS® Dog Walking & Pet Sitting, we have the answer! If your dog is licking you, it […]

Avoiding Dangerous Holiday Hazards!

Decorating for the holidays is always fun and festive, but many forget how easily your pet can be injured by these decorations. It’s vital to keep in mind what the potential dangers to your pets may be and how it can be avoided. Your Christmas Tree – Securely anchor your Christmas tree so it doesn’t […]