Avoiding Dangerous Holiday Hazards!

Avoiding Dangerous Holiday Hazards!

Decorating for the holidays is always fun and festive! There are so many decorations out there, but many forget how easily our pets can get injured by these decorations. Due to the various materials, shapes and sizes, festive decor can harm our pets. Don’t get fooled by the pretty lights and the sparkles. Avoiding dangerous […]

Ensuring a Safe Halloween for You and Your Pets!

Halloween is always a fun time of year for everyone. The celebrations, decor, costumes, and children going door to door for candy can be very festive and enjoyable. However, it can also be a very stressful time for our furry friends. In all of the excitement, we might forget about how our pets react to […]

Keeping Fido Cool this Summer

During the hottest periods of the year, it is very important to stay hydrated and cool, both for you and your furry friend! Being that Heat Stroke is a real danger, (a study at a Hebrew University found out that half of canines who get it won’t survive), you want to make sure your dog […]

6 Winter Items That Can Be Deadly to Pets

With every new season, different hazards arise for your pets. As the weather gets colder, outdoor cats need to be brought inside and dogs should begin wearing a sweater or coat on walks. But aside from temperature-related concerns, you also need to consider that many winter products and home decorations can be toxic to pets. […]