Do Pets Get Colds?

Do Pets Get Colds

For humans, catching a cold is very common with weather changes, but do pets get colds? With winter slowly approaching, we can’t help but wonder if our pets can get colds as we do. Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, pets can get colds just like humans. Here are some things that may indicate their […]

Recognizing Stress In Your Pet

Recognizing Stress In Your Pet

Much like humans, pets are in danger of being affected by stress. As responsible pet owners, we must keep an eye on our pets to see if they are experiencing signs of stress and unease. Is your pet acting unusual? Do they seem anxious or depressed? Then stress could be the cause of their behavior. […]

Should You Cut Your Pet’s Hair This Summer?

Should You Cut Your Pet’s Hair This Summer

With the blistering summer heat here to stay, you may be wondering what you can do to help your pet cool down this Summer. You may be wondering if you should cut your pet’s hair this Summer to give them some relief. If your dog or cat has a thick fur coat, giving them a […]

How to Tell If Your Pet Has Spring Allergies

Like humans, animals can easily become victim to those awful spring time allergies. Sneezing, itchiness and redness are just some of the symptoms that come along with pet allergies, and they can really put a damper on a beautiful spring day. Do you believe that your pet may have allergies as well? Are they displaying […]

5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Pets

  Now that 2016 has arrived, it’s the perfect time to make improvements in your own life and your pet’s! Whether your dog or cat is a little overweight or has a behavioral issue, you can help your furry friend to reform itself with these five simple new year’s resolutions for pets: Measure your pet’s […]