Do Pets Get Colds?

Do Pets Get Colds

For humans, catching a cold is very common with weather changes, but do pets get colds? With winter slowly approaching, we can’t help but wonder if our pets can get colds as we do. Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, pets can get colds just like humans. Here are some things that may indicate their […]

Winter Pet Care Tips from Top Tails

  Now that we’re on the cusp of winter, the staff here at Top Tails would like to take a moment to remind you of some key winter pet care tips: Bring outdoor cats inside. Though your cat might prefer the great outdoors, it’s important that you bring it inside–at least for the night–during the […]

6 Winter Items That Can Be Deadly to Pets

With every new season, different hazards arise for your pets. As the weather gets colder, outdoor cats need to be brought inside and dogs should begin wearing a sweater or coat on walks. But aside from temperature-related concerns, you also need to consider that many winter products and home decorations can be toxic to pets. […]